Disposition of aborted remains.

Authors: Senator Liz Brown, Senator Amanda Banks, Senator Travis Holdman

Co-authors: Senator R Michael Young

Sponsors: Representative Chris Judy

Co-Sponsors: Representative Ronald Bacon, Representative Robert Morris, Representative Martin Carbaugh, Representative Dennis Zent


Defines "fetus". Establishes a right, beginning January 1, 2016, for a pregnant woman who has an abortion to determine the final disposition of the aborted fetus. Requires that a pregnant woman be informed orally and in writing before an abortion: (1) that the pregnant woman has a right to determine the final disposition of the remains of the aborted fetus; (2) of available options for disposition of the aborted fetus; and (3) of available counseling services. Requires the state department of health to: (1) adopt rules concerning the disposal methods to be used for aborted fetuses; and (2) develop the forms for certain information that is to be provided to the pregnant woman.