Authors: Senator Ronald Grooms, Senator Vaneta Becker, Senator Dennis Kruse

Sponsors: Representative Steven Davisson

Co-Sponsors: Representative Edward Clere, Representative Steven Stemler


Defines "medication therapy management" for the purposes of the regulation of pharmacies and pharmacists. Adds the provision of medication therapy management to the definition of "the practice of pharmacy". Includes advanced practice nurses and physician assistants in the definition of "direct supervision" for the purposes of consulting with a pharmacist on certain drug regimen protocols. Establishes the INSPECT oversight committee. Provides the committee's approval for the board to execute a contract with a vendor to administer the INSPECT program. Requires approval from the chairperson of the board of pharmacy to hire a director of the INSPECT program. Provides that if a dispenser's pharmacy is closed the day following a dispensing, the information required to be sent to the INSPECT program must be transmitted by the end of the next business day. Amends the definition of "medication assistance" in the administrative code for purposes of the rules concerning home health agencies.