Sales tax exemption for data warehouse equipment.

Authors: Senator Mark Messmer, Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator John Broden

Co-authors: Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator Joseph Zakas

Sponsors: Representative Ben Smaltz


Provides a state sales tax exemption for the sale or lease of certain enterprise information technology equipment. Requires that the investment in the equipment must be at least $100,000,000. Specifies that the investment must be in a high technology district area established by a municipality or county fiscal body. Requires that the application for exemption must be reviewed by the Indiana economic development corporation (IEDC). Provides that the IEDC may approve or deny an application by an eligible business for a sales tax exemption, or the IEDC may approve the application, but reduce the allowable exemption amount. Limits applicability of the sales tax exemption to two years beginning after June 30, 2015, and before July 1, 2017. Provides that the IEDC may only approve four applications for the sales tax exemption during the two year period. Limits an applicant to one sales tax exemption.