Civil proceeding advance payment transactions.

Authors: Senator Randall Head, Senator R Michael Young

Co-authors: Senator Greg Taylor

Sponsors: Representative Matthew Lehman

Co-Sponsors: Representative Terri Jo Austin

Advisors: Senator R Michael Young, Senator Karen Tallian, Senator Travis Holdman


Defines a "civil proceeding advance payment transaction", or "CPAP transaction", as a nonrecourse transaction in which a person (CPAP provider) provides to a consumer claimant in a civil proceeding a funded amount, the repayment of which is: (1) required only if the consumer claimant prevails in the civil proceeding; and (2) sourced from the proceeds of the civil proceeding. Requires a CPAP provider to register with the department of financial institutions (department). Sets forth requirements, including disclosure requirements, for a contract (CPAP contract) entered into by a CPAP provider and a consumer claimant. Sets forth certain requirements and prohibitions with respect to CPAP transactions, including limits on the funded amount and specifications for the CPAP contract amount. Permits the department to take certain actions to: (1) determine compliance with; and (2) pursue remedies for violations of; these provisions. Permits the department to adopt rules to implement these provisions. Specifies that the Uniform Consumer Credit Code does not apply to a CPAP transaction.