Statewide 911 system.

Authors: Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator James Merritt

Co-authors: Senator John Broden, Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator James Buck

Sponsors: Representative Edmond Soliday

Co-Sponsors: Representative Michael Karickhoff


Repeals a provision that: (1) required the budget committee to conduct a review of the statewide 911 system for years 2013 and 2014; and (2) provided for the July 1, 2015, expiration of the statewide 911 fee if the budget committee did not recommend continuation of the fee. Provides that the prohibition on connecting to a 911 network with an automatic alarm, automatic dialer, or other automated alerting device does not apply to a school corporation, charter school, or nonpublic school that receives permission from the statewide 911 board to use the automatic alarm, dialer, or other alerting device.