Water resources institute.

Authors: Senator James Merritt


Establishes a water resources institute. Provides that the water resources institute is a nonpartisan body corporate and politic consisting of an executive director and other staff members who have expertise in disciplines related to water resources, water resource planning, water conservation and drought, water technology, and workforce development. Provides for the water resources institute to develop and routinely update a long term water resources master plan for Indiana and conduct other planning and research activities concerning water resources issues. Requires every utility that furnishes water or wastewater service to its customers to pay an annual fee to fund the planning and research activities of the water resources institute. Requires that the amount of the annual fee paid by a water utility: (1) be determined by the utility regulatory commission in consultation with the budget agency; and (2) be proportionate to the amount of water that the water utility furnishes to its customers or the amount of wastewater that the water utility receives for processing from its customers.