Integrated resource plans and energy efficiency.

Authors: Senator James Merritt, Senator Randall Head

Co-authors: Senator Jean Breaux

Sponsors: Representative Eric Allan Koch

Co-Sponsors: Representative Alan Morrison


Requires a public utility to submit an integrated resource plan to the utility regulatory commission (IURC). Requires certain electricity suppliers to submit an energy efficiency plan to the IURC at least one time every three years. Provides that evaluation, measurement, and verification procedures required to be included in an electricity supplier's energy efficiency plan must include independent evaluation, measurement, and verification. Provides that the IURC may not require a third party administrator to implement an electricity supplier's energy efficiency program or plan. Provides that if the IURC finds an electricity supplier's energy efficiency plan to be reasonable, the IURC shall allow the electricity supplier to recover or receive certain energy efficiency program costs. Provides that a retail rate adjustment mechanism proposed by an electricity supplier to recover program costs may be based on a reasonable forecast. Provides that if forecasted data is used, the retail rate adjustment mechanism must include a reconciliation mechanism to correct for any variance between forecasted and actual program costs. Specifies that an industrial customer's previous opt out of an energy efficiency program of an electricity supplier constitutes an opt out of an energy efficiency program that is part of the electricity supplier's required energy efficiency plan.