Controlled substances.

Authors: Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Ronald Grooms

Co-authors: Senator Mark Stoops

Sponsors: Representative Timothy Brown


Limits Medicaid reimbursement for Subutex and Suboxone or an similar trade name or generic of the drug when the drug was prescribed for the treatment of pain management to only if the drug was prescribed by a physician who meets certain requirements. Allows for the office of Medicaid policy and planning to require prior authorization for these drugs when being prescribed for substance abuse treatment as determined by the board or when being prescribed for more than six months. Requires the division of mental health and addiction to adopt rules concerning: (1) opioid treatment by an opioid treatment provider; (2) take home opioid treatment medications; (3) clinical standards for tapering of a patient, relapse, and overdose prevention; and (4) specified standards and protocols for an opioid treatment provider. Requires an opioid treatment provider to periodically and randomly test a patient for specified drugs during treatment.