State board of education governance.

Authors: Senator Travis Holdman


Makes changes to the composition of the state board of education (state board). Provides that the state board may hire staff and administrative support. Provides that the state board shall meet once every six months and at the call of the chairperson. Provides that the state board shall elect a chairperson annually from the members of the state board. Requires the chairperson to provide notice of a state board meeting and make the agenda for the state board meeting available on the state board's and the department of education's Internet web sites at least 14 days before the meeting. Provides that a member of the state board may submit a request to the chairperson to amend the agenda at least seven days before the state board meeting. Provides that if the chairperson does not respond or refuses to amend the state board's agenda, the agenda may be amended to include the agenda item requested at the current or subsequent state board meeting with a majority vote of the state board. Provides that the state board may not take official action on an agenda item added at the current meeting until the next subsequent state board meeting.