Voluntary monitoring of water resources.

Authors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Rick Niemeyer, Senator James Merritt

Co-authors: Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator Mark Stoops, Senator Jean Breaux, Senator Michael Delph, Senator Michael Crider

Sponsors: Representative Eric Allan Koch

Co-Sponsors: Representative Steven Stemler, Representative Mike Aylesworth, Representative Clyde Kersey, Representative Christina Hale, Representative Sue Errington


Requires the department of natural resources (department) to establish a program under which volunteers may monitor the water resource (which, as defined in IC 14-25-7, includes both ground water and surface water) and provide monitoring data to the natural resources commission and the department. Provides that the department shall: (1) train the volunteers participating in the program in the proper collection and transmission of data; (2) determine the location and ensure the adequacy of the monitoring wells used in the program; and (3) conduct water resource monitoring independent of the program to verify the quality of the data derived from the program. Requires the department, in selecting the areas in which volunteers will monitor the water resource through the program, to give priority to areas in which temporary failures of nonsignificant ground water withdrawal facilities have been confirmed and areas in which the potential exists for ground water withdrawals to exceed the natural replenishment of the aquifer.