Business and other associations.

Authors: Senator Susan Glick, Senator Michael Delph, Senator R Michael Young

Co-authors: Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Casey Cox

Co-Sponsors: Representative Ben Smaltz, Representative Ryan Dvorak


Makes changes to business and other association laws concerning the following: (1) Filing fees for agricultural cooperative associations. (2) Requirements regarding filings and fees for certain filings with the office of the secretary of state. (3) Delivering of documents by the office of the secretary of state. (4) Meetings of shareholders of corporations, including notice requirements. (5) Merger of a parent corporation with a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent corporation. (6) Administrative dissolutions. (7) Reporting requirements. (8) Correcting documents filed with the office of the secretary of state. Repeals provisions concerning the registration of the name of a foreign corporation, foreign limited liability partnership, foreign limited partnership, foreign nonprofit corporation, or foreign limited liability company. Makes a technical correction.