Scholarships and grants.

Authors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Luke Kenley, Senator Earline Rogers

Sponsors: Representative Edward Clere

Co-Sponsors: Representative Randy Truitt, Representative Sheila Klinker, Representative Karlee Macer

Advisors: Senator Chip Perfect, Senator Mark Stoops, Senator Jeff Raatz


Provides that at the end of each state fiscal year, the commission for higher education (commission) may order the auditor of state to transfer money among certain funds if the commission determines that the remaining appropriation in a particular fund could be used by eligible applicants for an award under one of the other funds in the following state fiscal year. Provides that the auditor of state shall make a transfer ordered by the commission. Provides that a student who applies for a twenty-first century scholars program tuition scholarship must certify in writing that the student complied with certain requirements before the student's graduation from high school and not each year a scholarship is awarded. Renames the "part-time student grant" as the "adult student grant". Renames the "part-time student grant fund" as the "adult student grant fund". Requires the commission for higher education to award an additional amount, not to exceed $500, in a recipient's final semester to a recipient graduating with a degree aligned to priority economic sectors identified by the department of workforce development. Makes technical and conforming amendments.