Utility infrastructure improvements.

Authors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Douglas Eckerty, Senator James Merritt

Co-authors: Senator Karen Tallian

Sponsors: Representative Mike Speedy

Co-Sponsors: Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Christina Hale, Representative Dan Forestal


Amends the law on water and wastewater utility distribution system improvement charges so that the law applies to municipally owned utilities and not-for-profit utilities as well as to public utilities. Allows a municipally owned utility or not-for-profit utility that is under the jurisdiction of the utility regulatory commission (commission) for the approval of rates and charges to petition the commission for the adjustment of its basic rates and charges to provide for the recovery of infrastructure improvement costs. Provides that "infrastructure improvement costs", for a municipally owned utility, means debt service and depreciation expenses associated with eligible infrastructure improvements and, for a not-for-profit utility, means debt service associated with eligible infrastructure improvements. Defines "eligible infrastructure improvements" for purposes of municipally owned and not-for-profit utilities. Allows the commission to consider certain factors in determining the amount of infrastructure improvement costs that a not-for-profit utility or a municipally owned utility will be allowed to recover.