Restroom access for certain retail customers.

Authors: Senator Frank Mrvan


Provides that if a retail establishment has a toilet facility on its premises for the use of the retail establishment's employees, a customer, upon request, must be allowed to use the toilet facility during normal business hours if certain conditions are met, including that: (1) the customer has Crohn's disease or another medical condition requiring the customer to have immediate access to a toilet facility; (2) the toilet facility is reasonably safe for use by the customer; and (3) there is no public restroom immediately accessible to the customer. Makes it a Class C infraction to refuse to allow the customer to use the toilet facility if all of the conditions are met, and provides that a civil judgment of up to $100 may be imposed for the infraction. Provides immunity from civil liability for any act or omission in allowing the customer to use the employee toilet facility if all of the conditions are met, provided that the act or omission: (1) is not willful or grossly negligent; and (2) occurs in an area of the retail establishment that is not accessible to the public.