Abortion matters.

Authors: Senator Mark Messmer, Senator Travis Holdman, Senator James Buck

Co-authors: Senator R Michael Young

Sponsors: Representative Sharon Negele

Co-Sponsors: Representative Timothy Wesco, Representative Randall Frye, Representative Sheila Klinker


Amends the definition of "abortion clinic" as follows: (1) Refers to a health care provider instead of a freestanding entity. (2) Exempts from the definition of "abortion clinic" a health care provider that provides an abortion inducing drug for the purposes of inducing an abortion to fewer than five patients a year. (Current law exempts certain physician's offices.) Requires that a person seeking a waiver by the health commissioner from rules authorized by the hospital council must affirmatively demonstrate that the waiver will not adversely affect or increase any risk to the health, safety, or welfare of an existing or potential resident or patient. Includes reporting requirements for abortions that are performed using an abortion inducing drug. Removes language that prohibits the state department of health from exempting abortion clinics from certain licensure requirements.