Veterans and courts.

Authors: Senator Joseph Zakas, Senator Michael Crider, Senator Ron Alting

Co-authors: Senator Mark Stoops, Senator John Broden


Provides that a problem solving court that is a veteran's court and the services of the court are available to veterans who are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in another court in another county. Provides that the Indiana judicial center shall establish at least one problem solving court that is a veteran's court in each of the judicial districts. Requires the board of directors of the judicial conference of Indiana to adopt rules prescribing how courts and counties shall cooperate with one another concerning a veteran under the jurisdiction of a veteran's court in a different county. Requires the Indiana judicial center, in conjunction with the criminal justice institute and the Indiana department of veterans affairs, to seek funding for veteran's courts. Provides that a court may consider as a mitigating factor that a person convicted of a crime is a veteran who has certain conditions that favor suspending the sentence and imposing probation. Makes an appropriation to the Indiana judicial center for problem solving courts.